Why Tend Task?

We envision a future where we aren’t defined by our “Tasks” — one where we “Tend” to our relationships with the care and attention they deserve.

Our mission is to build a subtle revolution, one partnership at a time. By cultivating more calm, clarity, and joy into our relationships, we enhance our capacity to show up fully — for our partners, for our passions, and for ourselves.

Meet Your Coach

Felicia Kashevaroff

Felicia Kashevaroff, ACC


I started my journey studying sociology, where I began to consider how larger social systems impact our everyday lives. But despite my education, I was unprepared for the impact of marriage and motherhood on my life.

Without realizing it was happening, I found myself in an unbalanced relationship. I thought I was marrying someone who wanted an equal partnership — and he did, too. But when we had children, we quickly fell into ‘traditional’ gender roles. Once that happened, we couldn’t find our way out, and it destroyed our marriage. The trauma of my divorce catalyzed me to find a way to save young couples from my heartache and to help couples do better earlier.

I'm an ICF-certified coach, and I’m trained in a number of modalities, including the Gottman method, Organization and Relationships Systems Coaching (ORSC), small group facilitation, and conflict resolution — but most of all, I’m committed to helping you and your partner build the equal partnership of your dreams.

Only 33% of Marriages are Happy!?

We've all heard that half of marriages end in divorce, but did you know that another 10% of couples separate permanently and ANOTHER 7% are chronically unhappy? That means that ONLY 33% of marriages are happy and satisfying.

When I got married, I was filled with naïve optimism that my partner and I loved each other enough to handle anything together. It wasn't long before we learned that love is not enough to sustain a marriage through hard times.

Neither my partner nor I had the skills necessary to weather the storms that came our way, and after 20+ years of marriage, we called it quits.

I was devastated, but after the hard work of healing, I started to think about the big picture. Why do so many marriages fail?

I became OBSESSED with healthy relationship dynamics. I studied the science of relationships, talked to lots of other couples, and examined what had gone wrong in my own.

This led me to identify the critical skills couples need to build solid, secure, and satisfying marriages that last and last.

Real life presents huge obstacles to couples, like:

  • Falling into a rut and out of love
  • Destructive gender roles
  • Divorce and heartache

I’m convinced that it doesn't have to be that way! I’m here to help you build a relationship that lasts a lifetime — one that lights you up in 20, 30, or 50+ years. Our passion at Tend Task is to help you and your partner build the life of your dreams — together.