Helping to build equitable and harmonious relationships

by helping couples track, assess, and delegate household tasks.


Our Mission

Tend is both an app and a subtle revolution. Designed to track and allocate the invisible labor happening in households across the world, Tend merges the need for meaningful support in day-to-day duties with our sincere desire to show up for the people in our lives.


Our Core Values

Tend Task envisions a future where we aren’t defined by our tasks; where we share the joys and challenges of life while making space for what brings us each most alive.

Drawing upon the power of technology, Tend Task offers a path to peaceful partnership through simplicity, accountability, and mutual respect.


Relationships grow from the ground up

While we want to be amazing partners, housemates, and humans already, the demands of the 21st century can leave us scattered and frustrated. Starting from the soil of our lives as they are, Tend Task supports equal partnership in the duties of day-to-day living.

The roots of a peaceful household are watered through attention, intention, and communication. Because these are learned skills, Tend combines our streamlined UX with optional coaching support for improved clarity between partners and housemates. This allows users to recognize which tasks need to be done and helps them choose the ones they most enjoy while equally sharing the ones they don’t.

We help build positive momentum into relationships through encouragement and timely reminders that help users show up for their intentions and avoid the common relationship patterns of resentment and annoyance. By establishing a positive framing around often-resisted duties, Tend uses science-backed habit formation to help users grow toward peaceful partnership.

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