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The TEND Technique

A 12-week Guide to a Thriving Equal Partnership

The Tend Technique helps busy, modern couples to build balanced, equitable, joyful relationships by teaching them to be clear about the life they want to create together and to follow through on their goals as a unified team.

Family (3)


... you wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh coffee. You walk into the kitchen where your partner is making breakfast for the kids. It's their morning to get them up and ready for school. Lunches are packed with food that the kids like and will eat.

They hand you a cup of coffee and give you a good morning kiss. They remind you that they’re a chaperone for the school field trip, so they’re going to need to work a little later than usual.

You smile and say, "Yes, I remember. I'll get the kids from school and make dinner. I'll save you a plate so that we can eat together."

While you're at work...

... your partner sends cute pics from the field trip and tells you that they love you.

You finish your workday and pick up the kids at 5pm and take them home to do homework and have an early dinner. Your partner walks in the door at 7pm, grabs a quick snack and jumps directly into the bedtime routine. You bathe the kids together and while you're reading stories, they go into the kitchen to set the table and heat up the dinner you prepared. 

You talk and laugh and share details about your day while you eat and then get up to do the dishes together. Afterward you look at each other. Sex or Netflix? Sex, then Netflix.

But after sex you're sleepy and satisfied. The next episode of your favorite show can wait. You skip the Netflix, kiss each other goodnight and set your alarm. It's your turn to get up with the kids tomorrow.

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Sound incredible? It's totally possible...

Teamwork (2)

In this future, your household runs like a well-oiled machine.

Both you and your partner know exactly what needs to be done and how to do it, so that everyone is happy, healthy, and well-rested.

You don't fall prey to external pressure because you know exactly what's important to your family and what's not.

You're an unstoppable team

— clear on your shared values, priorities and vision for the future AND you both take full responsibility for getting there together.

Your relationship is at the top of your priority list, so you make time for healthy communication and daily connection.

The flame of passion continues to burn bright, keeping your sex life hot - year after year. This is what an equal partnership looks like.


"Our communication has improved so much."

"Felicia was the absolute best at helping us to get to the root of our arguments and turning them into action to help our family function better. Our communication has improved so much and I can let go of worrying about every little detail knowing it will be handled. Thank you!"

Here's what you'll learn inside
The TEND Technique

Shared Vision (3)


Deconstructing Gender Norms

Using critical examination and reevaluation, you’ll peel away the layers of outdated gender norms that may be stifling your relationship's growth. Imagine the freedom and closeness you'll achieve when both partners contribute authentically and fully to your shared life.

Communication (2)


Mastering Healthy Communication

Transform misunderstanding into understanding. Evidence-based communication techniques turn every conversation into an opportunity for intimacy and trust, laying the path for a relationship where both partners feel heard and validated.

Teamwork (4)


Become an Unstoppable Team

Forge a shared vision with your partner, and harness practical strategies for equitable day-to-day living. Experience the joy and efficiency of a truly synchronized partnership where both dreams and dishes are shared equally.

Connection (2)


Enhance Your Connection

Dive deeper into each other's worlds and experience the exhilarating bond that comes from true partnership and equality. Celebrate your relationship's victories together, fueling the joy that comes with a balanced and loving connection.

More than $5,000 worth of value!

Plus get access to Tend Task - our Household Organizer App, the Shared Values Workshop, and a Special Gift to Celebrate Course Completion!

What you're getting

  • Access to Relationship Insights (your go-to resources!)

Each week you’ll have access to concise, compelling relationship insights. These videos will be 3-5 min in length and will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to bring you closer to your relationship goals.

These recordings will become your go-to resource in crafting an equal partnership.

  • Worksheets to follow with your partner

At the end of each video, you’ll be presented with a Weekly Exercise designed to challenge and expand your partnership's dynamics.

Each worksheet offers an incremental step toward a more balanced, connected, and intimate relationship.

  • Weekly 45-minute coaching sessions with Felicia

During this 45-minute session we’ll review your worksheets, address any challenges that come up and work towards incremental solutions that fit your relationship.

These sessions will help you move past the same old arguments, instead celebrating your progress toward a balanced partnership.

  • Bonus offers!

You'll get access to Tend Task - our Household Organizer App, the Shared Values Workshop, and a Special Gift to celebrate course completion!

"Revolutionized Communication"

"My coaching experience with Felicia completely revolutionized communication in my marriage. She was able to take my thoughts and feelings and verbalize them in a way that my partner could understand and receive, which helped bridge the gap. Her role as neutral observer helped keep our conversations productive and on track."

Bonus Offers!

Access to our Mobile App
Tend Task: Household Organizer

Transform the mundane task of household management into seamless collaboration. With customized lists, detailed tasks, and a built in time-tracker, enjoy a partnership based on mutual respect and equity.


Shared Values Workshop

Living according to your core values is the first step to a life of meaning and authenticity, by understanding your partner’s values and how they align with your own, you have the opportunity to discover the motivation for lasting change. This workshop will walk you through a simple exercise that will set the foundation for the rest of your shared lives together.

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A Special Gift

We’re all about celebrating your wins. Once you’ve completed the course, you and your partner will get to select a gift that will deepen your connection and intimacy.

Couples to reclaim their moments

All together you're getting more than $5,000 worth of value!

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Felicia Kashevaroff

Hi there, I’m Felicia.

I’m a relationship coach and the founder of Tend Task, where we combine technology with relationship coaching to create a future where couples “Tend” to each other rather than focus all of their energy on the “Tasks” that life throws our way.

Once upon a time, I was in an unbalanced relationship myself. I thought I was marrying someone who wanted an equal partnership — and he did too. But when we had children, we quickly fell into ‘traditional’ gender roles. Once that happened, we couldn’t find our way out and it destroyed our marriage.

I knew I couldn’t go through that kind of heartbreak again, so I studied everything I could about healthy relationships. After over 150 hours of coaching and five years of extensive research, I’ve crafted this course that empowers YOU to build the equal partnership of your dreams.

Want to learn more about what I do and how I can help you?

Our goal is help you and your partner build the life of your dreams — together.


More than $5,000 worth of value!

Plus get access to Tend Task - our Household Organizer App, the Shared Values Workshop, and a Special Gift to Celebrate Course Completion!

Still unsure? We've got you covered.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your experience in The TEND Technique coaching program, you may request a refund on unused coaching time. While I encourage you and your partner to complete the program in full to see the best results, I understand that this program might not be the right fit for you. If that's the case, I want you to allocate your time and resources toward another solution that will better serve you and your relationship. Refund requests can be sent to

See course Terms & Conditions for full details.