Instead of Resolutions Try Recognition

Instead of Resolutions Try Recognition

Welcome to the new year, that special time when we’re reminded that we’re simply not good enough as we are. We should sleep more, but also get up before the sun to work out. We should have more adventures, but also make sure you save your money. Read more books, but also spend more time with your kids. Focus on your relationship, but also on yourself. More self-care, more discipline, more, more, more. This year we’d like to suggest something different. Instead of resolutions, try recognition.

We’ve spent the last two years developing Tend, a mobile app that gives women a place to reflect on the unseen work they do to care for others. We did this because we know the joys and heartache of this work. We know how hard it is to raise children and take care of our families. We know what it feels like to fall into bed at the end of the day wondering where your day went, and why you feel like such a failure.

We built this app so you can see what we see, how hard you’re working and how much your work matters. It may feel invisible, but it has a tangible emotional, physical and economic impact.

In a pledge to shine a light on your work and on the work of mothers and caregivers everywhere, we added a feature to Tend that calculates the economic value of the work you do each day.* To use this feature, simply log the tasks you complete each day. Under Task Details, note how much time each task took. Tend will calculate how much that work would cost your family if it was outsourced to someone else. We think you’ll be surprised at the magnitude of your work. We want you to shout from the rooftops, #MYWORKHASVALUE!

From January 1st through the 31st, we’re running a contest. To enter the contest:

  • Track your work in Tend.   felicia dashboard market value
  • Take a screenshot of your dashboard showing the dollar value for the work you saved your family.
  • Post your photo on the social media platform of your choice; Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.**
  • For your entry to count, you must tag us @persistiny and use the hashtag #MYWORKHASVALUE.
  • If you’re not comfortable sharing on social media, you can also email your screenshot to and use the hashtag in the subject line to enter the contest.
  • You can enter once each day until January 31st, for 31 total chances to win if you play every day.
  • There is no purchase necessary to enter this contest.

We’ll choose a winner in the first week of February and we will pay the winner for one day of their invisible labor that month – up to $300.

So this January, let’s resolve to recognize that you’re already working hard, that you’re already good enough and that the work you do has value.

* We used the US standard living wage of $15 to calculate the market value. We know this is not everyone’s reality, but we felt it was a good starting point. We’re working to add more functionality to the app, so you can customize your market value based on your specific life circumstances. For our Canadian users, we will convert the prize to Canadian Dollars.

** This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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