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Fair Play | Tend task

Fair Play Reconsidered: 5 Reasons It Might Not Work for Everyone

Let me start by saying that if you love the book and card game, Fair...
Gender Norms in Relationships | Tend Task

5 Myths and Truths: Deconstructing Gender Norms in Relationships

Modern couples often confront deeply ingrained gender norms that come from our family of origin...
Understanding partner

7 Secrets to Helping Your Partner Understand What Matters to You

We get bombarded with messages about marriage and long-term relationships. We're told that marriage is...

What is the Mental Load? A Guide to Explain It to Your Partner in 6 Steps

The Mental Load is a term that comes up again and again in my work...
Self-Care While in a Relationship

Practicing Self Care While Nurturing a Relationship: 6 Essential Tips

Relationships add beauty and meaning to our lives. We are profoundly social creatures and need...
Successful Long-Distance Relationship

Miles Apart, But Close at Heart: How Do We Make Our Long-Distance Relationship Work?

You may know that I experienced the heartache and struggle of an unbalanced relationship, This...
Financial Stress in Couples

Money Strains and Love Pains: How Do We Navigate Financial Stress Together?

Money is one of the most contentious topics that couples navigate together. We each come...

Feeling Overwhelmed by In-Laws? How Can We Navigate This Together?

During the holiday season, we often spend more time than usual with family. This extra...
Balancing Parenting and Marriage

Can We Be Amazing Parents and Still Keep Our Love Alive? Balancing Parenting and Marriage

The research is unequivocal that marital satisfaction declines once couples become parents. In an eight-year...
Building Trust in Relationship

How Do We Lay the Foundation of Building Trust in a Relationship?

Building trust in a relationship is really about good communication. It means saying what you...
Improving Communication in Marriage

Why Don’t We Talk Anymore? Tips for Improving Communication in Marriage

Every marriage or relationship expert on the planet will tell you that the key to...
Couples to reclaim their moments

Feel Like There’s Never Enough Time Together? 5 Tips for Couples to Reclaim Their Moments

Modern life has a way of consuming every bit of our time: jobs, kids, financial...