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Relationship Coaching Quiz Questions Answered

Our passion at Tend Task is to help couples to build equitable, long-lasting relationships. Research, conversations with couples, and our own experience show us that it’s really hard for couples to find balance in their partnerships. We’re committed to building solutions that help couples to find that balance for themselves and then use tools to implement and maintain that balance. 

Relationship coaching Quiz

One way we evaluate how we can best help you is through our relationship coaching quiz. It’s a short quiz that helps us to understand where your most significant issues are in your relationship and how you would most benefit from our coaching packages. 

We’ve gotten some interest in why we ask what we ask and what it tells us about how we can best serve you. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Q: How often do you and your partner argue about household tasks?

A: This tells us just how disruptive the current division of labor is in your household. If you’re arguing about this all of the time, we know we need to start by stabilizing your communication around the topic. We know we need to encourage curiosity and minimize (or ideally eliminate) defensiveness.

Q: How satisfied are you with your home life as it is now?

A: This is a big question. Our homes are our sanctuaries, and if we’re “not very satisfied” with our current home life, we know there’s lots of work to do. We know we need to get you and your partner on the same page with your vision for your home life. Once we know that, we can work toward strategies that help you to get there.

Q: Do you and your partner agree on a base level of cleanliness and organization?

A: This goes back to a shared vision and what is often referred to as standards of care. Each partner needs to know the expectations for completing a task to ensure your home is functional and runs smoothly. Communication and open-minded listening are key strategies to work on here.

Q: How often do you and your partner communicate about what needs to be done to run your home and life?

A: When you combine this answer with the answers above, we can start to understand what’s happening in your relationship. If you’re very satisfied with your home life and you and your partner agree on your level of cleanliness and organization, but you don’t communicate frequently, then there’s no problem. But suppose you’re often communicating and are still unsatisfied. In that case, we know we need to work on the effectiveness of your communication style.

Q: Do you feel you and your partner share the same goals and values?

A: When we work with couples, we always ensure that your shared values align. Most people assume that they do but haven’t had the conversations to ensure they clearly understand each partner’s dreams and expectations for the future. This question gives us a clue as to whether or not you know that you are out of alignment with your partner.

Q: Do you and your partner celebrate when things go well?

A: This question tells us whether or not you and your partner tend to focus on the positive in your relationship. If you do, it’s a place of strength we can work from. If you don’t, it’s an area we can work to improve from the outset of our work together.

Q: The final question asks how interested are YOU and YOUR PARTNER are in finding solutions to your ongoing household dynamic?

A: Sometimes, the most significant challenge is convincing your partner there is a problem. If you’re the one carrying the majority of the load, it can be difficult for your partner to understand where you’re coming from. If we know that one partner is reticent to engage in the conversation, we can start from a place of establishing communication and understanding. We’ve found that our neutral, nonjudgemental approach brings partners in quickly and effectively. 

We’re curious. If you took the relationship coaching quiz, what did you learn about yourself and your relationship? Did we get our package recommendation right? Do you still have questions? 

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