WRITTEN BY Felicia Kashevaroff

[Tend Task] New Look, New App, New Beginning

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Tend Task 3.0, a newly imagined household organization app. Tend merges the need for meaningful support in day-to-day duties with the sincere desire to show up for the people in our lives.

Household Organization App
Tend Task app

If you used the previous version of Tend, you know that it was built for women and caregivers to track and value their unpaid labor. Thousands of you learned just how hard you work to care for your families. 

It was eye-opening to make your invisible work visible, but now what? Women need more support. Men want to show up fully and authentically for their families and partners. But in households across the country, smart, loving, and capable couples fail to implement the changes they say they want.

So we took a step back. We re-evaluated everything we were doing, from the technology to the language we used to talk about household work and caregiving. We knew it was time to stop making judgments about WHO should do what and start creating solutions to help you get the work done in a way that works for YOU.
And hence we can proudly say that this newly version of….

Tend Task is now fit to be called as household organization app

We redesigned Tend to use gender-neutral language and colors so that everyone feels welcome when using it. We focused on sharing, communication, and simplicity. We built the framework for a platform to help couples move beyond shared calendars and toward shared meaning.

By listening and learning over the last five years, we also realized that technology may not be enough to disrupt the systems at play, so we built an optional coaching program that offers couples the opportunity to transform the way they live and work together. 

Couples will work one-on-one with skilled relationship coaches to define shared values, learn how to communicate, and build a life that works uniquely for them. We’ll teach you how to use the app together, building momentum you can take into your everyday lives.

Household Organization App
Tend Task App

This new version of Tend is born out of passion, research, and the application of evidence-based approaches to building happy homes and equitable partnerships. We can’t wait to hear how it works for you! Reach out to us here anytime, or send us an email at hello@tendtask.com.