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Improving Communication in Marriage

Why Don’t We Talk Anymore? Tips for Improving Communication in Marriage

Every marriage or relationship expert on the planet will tell you that the key to...
Couples to reclaim their moments

Feel Like There’s Never Enough Time Together? 5 Tips for Couples to Reclaim Their Moments

Modern life has a way of consuming every bit of our time: jobs, kids, financial...
Handle Disagreements with Love

Why Do We Always Argue? How to Handle Disagreements with Love

Arguments are a normal part of a healthy relationship, but sometimes, we can get into...
Rekindle the Passion

Rekindle the Passion: 7 Secrets to Bring Back the Spark

When you first get into a relationship, most people experience something called New Relationship Energy,...
spouse refuses marriage counseling

When Your Spouse Refuses Marriage Counseling: A 5-Step Survival Guide

We often reach a point in our relationships when things just aren't working. The joy...
pre-marital coach

Role of a Pre-Marital Coach in Building a Successful Marriage

Finding your soulmate and choosing to get married is a huge milestone! Wedding planning is...
relationship advice

5 Urgent Tips When You Need Relationship Advice Now

We all go into our relationships with the best intentions. Our goal is to build...
Couple cooking together

Unlocking the Secret Sauce in Relationships: Team Power!

Ever heard of the saying "Teamwork makes the dream work?" Well, that's not just for...
Couple together by lake

Three Aspects of Trust We Shouldn’t Ignore

When you hear 'trust in relationships', what's your immediate reaction? Infidelity? That's a common association....
Tend Task

What the Hell is Tend Task?

You may be new to this page, or maybe you've been here for a while,...
Person typing on laptop

Relationship Coaching Quiz Questions Answered

Our passion at Tend Task is to help couples to build equitable, long-lasting relationships. Research,...
Couple sitting on couch together looking at each other and smiling

Embracing Conflict: A Path to Deeper Connection in Relationships

Understanding Conflict in Relationships Many couples assume that a happy, healthy relationship means that there...