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Box of brightly colored ornaments

Holiday Post-Mortem

As we've discussed, the holidays tend to be a total shit show for adults. In...
Group of people's hands together in circle

Coaching vs Therapy – What’s Right for Us?

We often get asked about the difference between coaching and therapy. What's the difference? Is...
Christmas cards in a pile

Ban Christmas Cards?

It is a tradition in my family to move a fully decorated Christmas tree. Most...
Group of people standing around table with food and drinks

Gratitude in Real Time

It’s 4:30 PM on Thanksgiving Day. I’m sitting at the Thanksgiving table. I’m two drinks...
Writing list in journal

3 in 30 – Lighten Your Mental Load

We loved talking to Rachel on 3 in 30, an excellent 30-minute podcast that offers...
Couple holding baby

FAQs for Expecting Parents

We often hear from couples that it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain an equitable relationship...

Holy Sh*t It’s Halloween!

Swinging around the corner at Target, barely in control of my overfilled, wobbly wheeled shopping...

Standards of Care

When is the kitchen clean? Think about that question. Think about the state of your...
Tend Task app

Task Tracker App to Tech-Enabled Coaching Program?

We got here through frustration, not ours but yours. We heard from Tend users, over...
Happy couple sitting on couch with dog

New Look, New App, New Beginning

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Tend Task 3.0, a newly imagined tool...
Clean kitchen

10 Tips for Dividing Household Labor

With the amount of work on our plates already, dividing labor can be tricky. If...
Empty beach

This Dance is Hard: Motherhood at the Quarter Century

With Older Son’s 25th birthday quickly approaching, it’s time for me to write up a...