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Happy couple together in kitchen with coffee

Aligning Core Values: The Key to Stronger Relationships

Understanding Core Values What are your core values, and why are they important? The word...
Holiday Post-Mortem

Holiday Post-Mortem

Holiday Reflection As we've discussed, the holidays tend to be a total shit show for...

Coaching vs Therapy – What’s Right for Us?

Coaching vs Therapy We often get asked about the difference between and what actually is...
Christmas cards in a pile

Ban Christmas Cards?

Questioning Christmas Traditions Family Quirks: Moving Decorated Christmas Trees It is a tradition in my...
Group of people standing around table with food and drinks

Thanksgiving Gratitude Tales: A Real-Time Story

It’s 4:30 PM on Thanksgiving Day. I’m sitting at the Thanksgiving table. I’m two drinks...
Mental Load

3 in 30 – Lighten Your Mental Load

We loved talking to Rachel on 3 in 30, an excellent 30-minute podcast that offers...
Couple holding baby

FAQs for Expecting Parents

Understanding Equitable Parenting in New Families We often hear from couples that it becomes increasingly...

Holy Sh*t It’s Halloween!

Introduction: The Early Arrival of Halloween Swinging around the corner at Target, barely in control...
Standards of Care

Standards of Care: Aligning for Harmony

Introduction When is the kitchen clean? Think about that question. Think about the state of...
Tend Task app

Task Tracker App to Tech-Enabled Coaching Program?

We got here through frustration, not ours but yours. We heard from Tend users, over...
Tend Task app

[Tend Task] New Look, New App, New Beginning

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Tend Task 3.0, a newly imagined household...
Clean kitchen

10 Tips for Dividing Household Labor

With the amount of work on our plates already, dividing labor can be tricky. If...