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Standards of Care

Standards of Care: Aligning for Harmony

Introduction When is the kitchen clean? Think about that question. Think about the state of...
Tend Task app

Task Tracker App to Tech-Enabled Coaching Program?

We got here through frustration, not ours but yours. We heard from Tend users, over...
Tend Task app

[Tend Task] New Look, New App, New Beginning

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Tend Task 3.0, a newly imagined household...
Clean kitchen

10 Tips for Dividing Household Labor

With the amount of work on our plates already, dividing labor can be tricky. If...

This Dance is Hard: Motherhood at the Quarter Century

With Older Son’s 25th birthday quickly approaching, it’s time for me to write up a...
Outdoor market

Grocery Shopping is a Complex Balance of Hard Facts and Wishful Thinking

Introduction to the Grocery Shopping Dilemma Think about the last time you made a grocery...
Laundry Instructions

Laundry in 5 Easy Steps

Laundry in 5 easy steps? Yes. Laundry is actually 5 separate jobs: Sorting, Washing, Drying,...
Stroller in park

The Black Stroller

The near ubiquitous black stroller of today was once a rarity. When I was pregnant...

Let’s Talk About Caregiving and its Impact on Women

Caregiving, unpaid labor, the motherhood penalty, the gender wage gap.  These are terms that get...