WRITTEN BY Felicia Kashevaroff

Role of a Pre-Marital Coach in Building a Successful Marriage

Finding your soulmate and choosing to get married is a huge milestone! Wedding planning is fun and stressful. It’s easy to get consumed by the allure of your perfect day, but, it’s just as important to think about the journey that starts AFTER the wedding is over.

A lasting marriage requires much more than love; it takes commitment, mutual understanding, and a clear vision for your shared future. Your vision should encompass both your individual dreams and your collective aspirations. Bringing in a pre-marital coach gives you access to the support and expertise you need to build a relationship that lasts.

Pre-Marital Coaching
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I’ve spent years researching relationship health and working with couples to build lasting bonds. In that time, I’ve observed the power of working with a relationship expert to transform ordinary relationships into long-lasting, happy, and fulfilling marriages. A study of couples who participated in pre-marital counseling showed that they were better off than 80% of couples who didn’t seek help. But, when you’re early in your relationship, it might feel like couples therapy is unnecessary. You have another option! Pre-marital coaching. Let’s look at the difference between coaching and counseling or couples therapy.

Counseling is administered by a licensed therapist, who is a mental health professional. This type of therapy benefits many couples, particularly those navigating traumas or crises. On the other hand, pre-marital coaching serves a unique purpose. Similar to an athlete’s training, a pre-marital coach sharpens your relationship skills, focusing on your strengths and working to improve weak areas. The outcome? A stronger, happier marriage.

An interesting element of pre-marital coaching is the philosophy of “the third entity.” Unlike individual-focused coaching, in pre-marital coaching, the client is your RELATIONSHIP. By nurturing your relationship as a dynamic entity, you set the tone for prioritizing the health of your marriage.

Let’s take a look at the pivotal role a pre-marital coach can play in building lasting marriages:

Mastering Difficult Conversations

Marital life is filled with challenging discussions. Topics like where to live, finances, family planning, and daily chores can all be sources of friction. A pre-marital coach can help you and your partner learn effective communication skills so that you can navigate these conversations with curiosity, rather than blame.

Honing Relationship Skills

We would all like to think that we’re naturally skilled at relationships, but true relationship mastery requires effort and practice. A pre-marital coach observes areas of strength, helping to apply those strengths in new and creative ways. A skilled coach will also take note of where you and your partner struggle in your relationship, helping couples to nurture empathy, clear communication, and consistent intimacy and connection.

Aligning Actions with Values

Values are the cornerstone for living a life of authenticity and meaning. But often, our actions mirror those of our families rather than our own intrinsic values, especially when it comes to our marriages. Through pre-marital coaching, couples can identify these patterns and consciously decide which to behaviors to keep and which to discard, crafting a marriage that’s authentically theirs.

Fostering Team Spirit

The saying ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ holds true in marriages. Couples that function as a team are happier and more successful in reaching their goals. A coach ensures both partners are aligned, sharing responsibilities harmoniously.

A Customized Approach

Every relationship is different. By embracing this uniqueness, a pre-marital coach helps couples to craft strategies tailored to their unique dynamics, making for a much happier marriage.

Embracing the Journey with Pre-Marital Coaching

At Tend Task, we love to help couples to build flourishing marriages, filled with joy, love, and mutual respect. With the right guidance from a pre-marital coach, you’ll have the skills you need to navigate marital challenges confidently.

Eager to embark on this journey to transform your relationship? Schedule a FREE discovery session with Tend Task today. Our dedicated pre-marital coaches are committed to working with couples to sculpt marriages that resonate with your deepest dreams and aspirations.

Regardless of where you are in your relationship journey, our coaching helps you prioritize each other, instead of being distracted by the complexity of modern life. 

Don’t postpone nurturing your relationship until after the vows. Start now, cherish the shared journey, and ensure your marriage thrives. We can’t wait to work with you!