WRITTEN BY Felicia Kashevaroff

Three Aspects of Trust We Shouldn’t Ignore

When you hear ‘trust in relationships’, what’s your immediate reaction?

Infidelity? That’s a common association. While faithfulness is undeniably crucial, there are other often overlooked aspects of trust in relationships that subtly contribute to emotional safety in our relationships. Let’s swerve off the beaten path and peek into the more hidden corners of the trust landscape. 

Trust in Relationships
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1. Honoring Commitments: Saying it AND Doing it

First on our list is honoring commitments. It’s when your words match your actions. Did you say you’ll pick up the laundry? Voila! Clean clothes are in the closet, ready for that important meeting. These commitments – whether they’re about household chores or turning up for date night on time – might seem trivial, but they’re actually the building blocks of trust in relationships. The secret? Follow through on your promises or, if you goof up (and we all do!), own it, make it right, and get better next time. Consistency is key.

2. Believing in Your Partner: Accepting Influence

Our next plot twist is about believing in your partner and accepting influence. Another facet of trust lies in valuing your partner’s perspectives and allowing their ideas to influence your decisions. This notion of accepting influence is more than just mutual respect; it’s a testament to the value you place on your partner’s thoughts and feelings.

This plot twist often gets overlooked, particularly by men in heterosexual relationships. We live in a culture that devalues women’s opinions and experiences, so male partners need to be extra careful to challenge that way of thinking. But women can be guilty of this too, especially in areas where women are judged more harshly than men, like cleanliness or caregiving. No matter which partner does it, it feel lousy to have your ideas ignored.  But when we embrace the influence of our partners, trust gets a major boost!

3. Taking Responsibility for Your Shared Life: The Script We Both Write!

Finally, let’s talk about taking responsibility for your shared life, or as I see it, co-writing your beautiful story. You’re co-authors of this wonderful narrative, and taking responsibility for the storyline is an unsung aspect of trust. In a healthy, equitable partnership, each partner should be aware of the physical and mental work needed to keep the relationship progressing. Remember, purposeful ignorance is like a grammatical error in this script – it erodes trust. So, let’s get that storyline right and ticking along smoothly by knowing and doing what’s needed to move your story forward.

And there we have it – trust in relationships isn’t a one-path trail, it’s an expansive landscape with various terrains to traverse. Honoring commitments, accepting influence, and sharing responsibilities are landmarks in this trust terrain, often overlooked but crucial in creating a stronger, more balanced relationship map.

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