WRITTEN BY Felicia Kashevaroff

Unlocking the Secret Sauce in Relationships: Team Power!

Ever heard of the saying “Teamwork makes the dream work?” Well, that’s not just for your Monday morning meetings; it’s for your relationship too. Let’s unleash some equality into our relationships and bring on the team power!

Lets unleash some equality into connections and bring on the relationship team power!

Relationship team power
Picture Credits: Pexels.com

1. Become your partner’s No.1 Fan

You might be surprised how hot it can get when you cheer each other on. It’s not just about handing them a towel when they come back from the gym. It’s about being excited about their wins, big and small. And if their dream is something quirky, I’m sure there’s an interesting date night in there somewhere. Have fun with it!

2. We’re in this Together, Baby!

I recently coached a client who shared a great example of sticking together. During a drive home from a camping trip, her husband missed a turn. He vented about the extra minutes the GPS was adding to their journey. She could have pointed out his mistake, but instead, she chose to empathize with him, maintaining peace.

This story highlights that being a team doesn’t always mean agreeing on everything. Sometimes, it means standing by your partner, even when they’re slightly off course. Showing patience in these small moments can prevent minor disagreements from escalating into bigger issues.

3. Bye-bye Boss, Hello Partner!

Who said role-playing should be kept just for the bedroom? Let’s ditch the manager/employee dynamic and put on the “equal partner” costumes in our day-to-day life. In this spicy game, we share power, make decisions together, and best of all, no one’s the boss – it’s all about the playful push and pull.

4. Spice it up with Shared Goals

Creating common goals is like adding a secret ingredient to your love recipe. It could be anything – saving up for that sultry Parisian getaway or finally getting the courage to adopt a cute little puppy. The joy of achieving these goals together? It’s a high better than the finest champagne!

Becoming a dream team with your significant other is a tantalizing tango. You got to move together, listen to each other’s rhythm, and support each other’s solos. It’s about sharing the stage, the spotlights, and, most importantly, the love. Because let’s face it, there’s nothing sexier than an equal partnership in relationship.

Want some help with your dream team? Take our 2 min coaching quiz to find out how we can help you master the art of teamwork! Remember, a little teamwork goes a long way in making every day feel like Valentine’s Day. đź’–