I Do Differently:

A Pre-Marital Coaching Program Designed to Improve the Wedding Planning Process

I Do Differently helps busy, modern couples build balanced, equitable, and joyful relationships throughout the wedding planning process. By capitalizing on their first big project together, couples get clear about the wedding that will start their marriage and the life they want to create together every day after that.
Discover how to:

  • Define the life you want to create together while planning the perfect wedding
  • Set goals as a team and achieve them with confidence
  • Build strategies to cultivate a balanced partnership
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Imagine celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary. The crisp evening air fills the room as you and your partner excitedly pack for a special trip you both planned together. The kids are already with their grandparents — the childcare arrangements handled equally by both of you.

As you pack, you reflect on how far you’ve come. Many of your friends who married around the same time are facing challenges and even divorces, but your marriage is stronger than ever. You smile, knowing that the foundation you built with ‘I Do Differently’ has made all the difference.

The next morning, your partner hands you a steaming cup of coffee and gives you a good morning kiss. The gentle sunlight filters through the window, casting a warm glow on the room as you both review the itinerary one last time, making sure everything is set for your journey. When you settle into your seats on the plane, you receive updates from the babysitter handling the weekdays, with pictures of your happy kids enjoying their time.

Later that evening, you sit down for a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant. The soft candlelight flickers, casting a warm glow on your faces, and the rich aroma of delicious food fills the air. The clinking of silverware and the gentle murmur of other diners create an intimate atmosphere. You raise a glass of wine to toast to the decade you've spent together.

As you savor the meal, you reminisce about the early days of your marriage and how the program helped you navigate those initial challenges. You share a laugh, remembering the exercises and coaching sessions that brought you closer together.

In this moment, you feel grateful for the partnership you’ve built. Your relationship is at the top of your priority list, so you make time for healthy communication and daily connection. The flame of passion continues to burn bright, keeping your bond strong and your sex life vibrant. This is what an equal partnership looks like, and you’re living it every day.

Your marriage is a testament to the power of building a strong foundation. You’ve created a life where both partners thrive together, and as you toast to your 10 years, you know the next decade will be even better.

Sound incredible? It's totally possible with ‘I Do Differently.’

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Hi, I’m Felicia

I’m Felicia Kashevaroff, a relationship equity coach and the founder of Tend Task, where we combine technology with relationship coaching to create a future where couples “Tend” to each other rather than focus all of their energy on the “Tasks” that life throws our way. In other words, I help couples to build mutually beneficial, balanced, joyful relationships.

I started my journey studying sociology, where I began to consider how larger social systems impact our everyday lives. But despite my education, I was unprepared for the impact of marriage and motherhood on my life.

Without realizing it was happening, I found myself in an unbalanced relationship. I thought I was marrying someone who wanted an equal partnership — and he did, too. But when we had children, we quickly fell into ‘traditional’ gender roles. Once that happened, we couldn’t find our way out, and it destroyed our marriage. The trauma of my divorce catalyzed me to find a better way to save young couples from my heartache and to help couples do better earlier.

I'm an ICF-certified coach, and I’m trained in a number of modalities, including the Gottman method, Organization and Relationships Systems Coaching (ORSC), small group facilitation, and conflict resolution — but most of all, I’m committed to helping you and your partner build the equal partnership of your dreams.

Felicia Kashevaroff
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Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to create a marriage that lasts a lifetime by fostering a balanced, equitable, and harmonious household. In the time it takes you to plan your wedding, you'll transform your relationship by eliminating anger and resentment and embracing a balanced partnership where both partners share responsibilities and joys equally.

Here’s how:


You’ll have access to a library of concise, compelling relationship insights. These videos will be 3-5 min in length and will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to bring you closer to your relationship goals. These recordings will become your go-to resource in crafting an equal partnership.


At the end of each video, you’ll be presented with an exercise designed to challenge and expand your partnership's dynamics. Each worksheet offers an incremental step toward a more balanced, connected, and intimate relationship.


During this 60-minute session we’ll address any challenges that come up during the wedding planning process and work towards incremental solutions that fit your relationship. These sessions will help you move past the same old arguments, instead celebrating your progress toward a balanced partnership that lasts far beyond the wedding day.

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Deconstructing Family and Cultural Norms

Using critical examination and reevaluation, you’ll peel away the layers of outdated gender norms that start to take place during the wedding planning process. Imagine the closeness you'll achieve when both partners contribute authentically and fully to your shared life.

Module 2 Elevate - Tend Task

Mastering Healthy Communication

Transform misunderstanding into understanding. Evidence-based communication techniques turn every conversation — whether it’s about the guest list or the laundry — into an opportunity for intimacy and trust, laying the path for a relationship where both partners feel heard and validated.

Module 3 Nurture - Tend Task

Become an Unstoppable Team

Forge a shared vision with your partner, and harness practical strategies for equitable day-to-day living. Experience the joy and efficiency of a truly synchronized partnership where both dreams and dishes are shared equally.

Module 4: Deepen- Tend Task

Enhance Your Connection

Dive deeper into each other's worlds and experience the exhilarating bond that comes from true partnership and equality. Celebrate your relationship's victories together, fueling the joy that comes with a balanced and loving connection.

Brittany & Tyler- Tend Task

"Felicia was the absolute best at helping us to get to the root of our arguments and turning them into action to help our family function better. Our communication has improved so much, and I can let go of worrying about every little detail, knowing it will be handled."

Brittany & Tyler

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"Felicia helped us figure out the deeper stuff that motivates and drives our conflicts, miscommunications, or lack of. She could explain what she was seeing to each of us in ways we could understand, and helped us learn to STOP in our tracks and choose differently to produce a different outcome — understanding instead of anger, intimacy instead of distance, connection instead of separation."

Rachel & Sherman


Access to our Mobile App

Tend Task: Household Organizer
Transform the mundane task of household management into seamless collaboration. With customized lists, detailed tasks, and a built in time-tracker, enjoy a partnership based on mutual respect and equity.

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Shared Values Workshop
Living according to your core values is the first step to a life of meaning and authenticity, by understanding your partner’s values and how they align with your own, you have the opportunity to discover the motivation for lasting change. This workshop will walk you through a simple exercise that will set the foundation for the rest of your shared lives together.

Two 90-Minute Conflict Management Facilitation Sessions
Use these sessions anytime you need them. Bring together in-laws who can’t get along, or use them to dig in deep and work through tricky conflicts that you and your partner have been struggling to overcome.

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A Special Gift

We’re all about celebrating your wins. Once you’ve completed the course, you and your partner will get to select a gift that will deepen your connection and intimacy.





If you’re not completely satisfied with your experience in the I Do Differently coaching program, you may request a refund within 14 days of starting the program. While I encourage you and your partner to complete the program in full to see the best results toward an equal partnership, I understand that this program might not be the right fit for you. If that's the case, I want you to allocate your time and resources toward another solution that will better serve you and your relationship. Refund requests can be sent to hello@tendtask.com.

See course Terms & Conditions for full details.