Not this week part 2

Not This Week Part 2

It’s highly unlikely I’m going to get anything made this week. We went to a conference last week and yesterday I realized I failed to register Six for his next jujitsu class and so I feel tired and upset with myself. Some people go into the kitchen and cook to feel better. I go into the kitchen to get chips and then I watch TV or read to feel better. Which brings us to Not This Week, part 2. Read more

Tina Fey

Older son once wrote on his Instagram profile, “I’m not real sure what goes here but Tina Fey, if you are reading this, I love you.” And I couldn’t have agreed with him more. Read more

Camping Isn't For Everyone

Camping Isn’t For Everyone

I have what I hope is a cordial relationship with nature. It seems intent on killing me, therefore I stay indoors. I like being indoors. Sarah Vowell described herself as indoorsy and I think that is the best description of a personality trait ever. Read more

Depression and Other Adventures

Depression and Other Adventures

I should have known my marriage would end in tears when I realized how much he admired Henry Miller. I dislike Henry Miller because he always seemed to me a man who never did his own laundry and what can a person who never looked after himself tell me about life? Miller had this quote, “Everything was for tomorrow, but tomorrow never came.” And that always pissed me off. Tomorrow only ever comes to others after you are dead. There is no tomorrow. There is only today. Read more



Don’t panic, I’m not going to present you with a poem written 200 hundred years ago then say, “Now what do you think the poet meant to convey?” I’m almost willing to bet even the poet had no idea what they truly meant to convey. I also won’t ask you how a poem made you feel. Instead, I will begin with my own embarrassing poetic past. Read more


I realized that I have been talking about all these tech products that I hardly ever use and ignoring the ones I use every day. No longer! So let’s talk about Netflix. I love Netflix. There is always, always, always something on. I am old enough to remember when TV ended. They called it the end of the broadcast day, played the national anthem and then there was a test pattern and nothing to watch until dawn. Read more

Fridge Sandwiches

As usual, I was so busy congratulating myself for keeping up with the recipe challenge that I totally fell down on the job for this week. So I am going to share with you one of the things I do to keep myself fed that doesn’t involve a trip through the drive thru. Fridge Sandwiches! Read more

Spring is Here, Time to Throw Sh#t Out

Winter is the season wherein getting me to go anywhere is nearly impossible. There is whining, excuses and sometimes I just sit down on the couch and refuse to move. It isn’t pretty but it is fun. At least for me. This winter I attempted to learn to knit. I totally failed but there’s always next year. Read more

Hire a homemaker

Hire a Homemaker

When Older Son was young my constant refrain to him was, “Careful!”

Now that he is an adult I say, “Be thoughtful” which is pretty much white noise to someone who is 23. All they have are thoughts. Being young is a lot of work, you have an entire personality ot build.

I’m 46. I’m pretty much built. Everything is either hardening into place or just getting worse. But for young adults, it’s all thinking and building and becoming all the time.

Exhausting. Read more

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe Challenge

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

My dad passed away last Thursday so this is as far as I got in making this week’s recipe, pineapple upside down cake.