GOTV Recipe Challenge


It’s a week late, but the food we ate while getting out the vote is still worth sharing. Enjoy!

Burritos! Donuts! Ice Cream! Asian Fusion! And that was just Saturday.

We had some very good food while in the Fresno area and we would like to share some of it with you. Read more

What an Exhausting Week

What an Exhausting Week

It’s been one hell of a week. If you follow our blog, you may have noted that we were uncharacteristically silent for the last 7 days. It turned out the news cycle was simply too much for us to bear.

We purposefully left the editorial week open to give us the flexibility to talk about the midterm results in real time. After our canvassing adventure, we were fired up and ready to celebrate some victories. We spent Tuesday anxiously texting one another between bouts in front of cable news, rage cleaning, and binging on leftover Halloween candy.   Read more

Getting Out the Vote

Getting Out the Vote

This past weekend, Felicia, Christine, Emilia and I joined thousands of our fellow Americans canvassing neighborhoods in an effort to get voters to the polls. Our  GOTV, or get out the vote, kicked off on Friday night with a concert in Fresno. Cake played and I have to say that after all these years, I still love them. Before the show, the crowd was greeted by Andrew Janz, the Democrat standing up to Devil Nunes in CA-22. Although there is little hope of Janz defeating Nunes, the locals wanted to make sure Nunes knows they are deeply dissatisfied with how their Representative is behaving.  John McCrea, lead singer of Cake, talked to the Fresno Bee about how these political times have impacted his willingness to interact with politicians. “I’ve pretty much studiously avoided direct political association with candidates,” he says. And yet,  “That is a luxury I can’t afford anymore.” Read more

The Last Weekend

No matter your party, the final weekend before the election will be a busy one. If you are interested in being a part of the push to flip the House, The Last Weekend website will help connect you to a race research has indicated is likely to swing Democrat.

There are endless opportunities. Phone banking, donating money or supplies, and even canvassing if you are feeling up to it.

The best way to do this work is in pairs or a group. You do not have to do this alone. Find a friend, a relative, hell even a kid as long as they are tweenish or older. Older Son phone banked for Obama in 2008, we think he might have changed some dude in Kentucky’s mind. Who the hell knows, but it’s better than waking up the day after the election and thinking, “If only I had done more.” Read more

Judy Chu

I believe that Judge Kavanaugh should be disqualified by his comments on presidential power. Kavanaugh has publicly expressed his belief that the President cannot be criminally charged while in office. Surely Trump was aware of his position when nominating him, which is a conflict of interest as the Supreme Court is almost certain to hear a case involving the Mueller probe.”

If you aren’t from the Los Angeles area, you might not know who Representative Judy Chu (CA-27) is. Unlike another of our local Representative Adam Schiff (who Older Son worked for in both Rep Schiff’s Burbank and DC offices.*) Judy Chu isn’t on the national stage as much. Read more

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A good economy never excuses putting children in cages. I can’t believe there are people who would argue against that statement, but there are. And yet the RNC dares to call us unhinged, as if we are overreacting. On a side note, I appreciate Republicans’ help in naming ourselves, rather like Hillary helped a subset of Trump supporters name themselves deplorables. I wonder if there is now a subset of deplorable Trump supporters who have changed their minds and are now feeling unhinged. They could call themselves unhinged deplorables. The point is, if you aren’t feeling at least somewhat unhinged, you aren’t paying attention. Or your life is your own personal shitshow, which, if it is, I am sorry.  I know how you feel. Read more

Good and Mad Reading Challenge

Good and Mad

Sometimes the books I pre-order match what is happening in my life. Good and Mad by Rebecca Traister is one of those books. I think this is a book that will engender many different reviews and reactions. Read more

Unladylike Podcast Love

Unladylike Podcast

Oh my friends. You are going to like the Unladylike podcast, especially if you were a fan of Stuff Mom Never Told You. Unladylike podcast is motivated by the concerns and frustrations stemming from the results of the 2016 election. And the years of research and scholarship performed by Cristen & Caroline, first for their jobs as print journalists and then with the podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You, shine in this podcast. This isn’t two angry people randomly chatting about topics they read a few articles about online. That would be something I would do. No this is…well, let me go to their webpage so I get it right.  Read more

Senator Elizabeth Warren Talent Crush

Senator Elizabeth Warren

As we talk about angry women this week, I can’t help but admire the way that Senator Elizabeth Warren is angry.  If I could emulate anyone’s anger, it would be hers. Her anger is potent, controlled, just and deeply effective.   Read more

Im So Angry and It Feels Weird

Im So Angry and it Feels Weird

Women’s rage is all the rage these days.  Everywhere I look there are articles about the fiery wrath of women as we go into the upcoming midterm elections.  Female politicians are being called out for their tenacity and strength and they are holding their ground in the face of name calling and disrespect.  For goodness sake, when are old, white men going to learn that it is not in their best interests to go after Sen Elizabeth Warren? Im so angry and it feels weird. Read more