Bail Reform

Bail Reform

Google and the Koch brothers walk into a Washington D.C. conference room… The beginning of a weird, wonky beltway joke? Nope. It actually happened. On Tuesday, May 8th 2018, these two often diametrically opposed groups announced their joint endeavour to agitate for the overhaul of the for profit bail system that exists in the majority of states.

No matter who you are in America, the bail system impacts your life. If you or someone you love has been arrested then you know first hand how financially devastating the for profit bail system can be. If you have enough money to post bail outright then maybe it isn’t as much of a hardship but very few families can absorb that kind of an expense. The vast majority of American families must turn to a bail bonds company of one kind or another. No matter if you or yours are found innocent or guilty, you are on the hook for the fees and generally high interest loans needed to post bail. Read more

Pantsuit Nation podcast love

Pantsuit Nation Podcast

The Pantsuit Nation podcast is a spin off from the wildly popular Facebook group formed by Libby Chamberlain during the 2016 Presidential election.  She created the group in late October 2016 to invite 30 friends to wear pantsuits to the polls in honor of Hillary Clinton’s signature attire.  Within 24 hours the group skyrocketed to 24,000 members and by election day there were close to 3 million members. Read more

we interrupt this blog to bring you our political leanings

We Interrupt This Blog to Bring You Our Political Leanings

If you’ve read a single blog post, or even our social media profile, it won’t be a surprise to you that we are feminists.  Some people have trouble with that word, but I have a hard time understanding the aversion. I love the word feminist. To me it evokes power and purpose toward a more equitable society.  What could be better?! Read more

What Happened

What Happened

I ordered two copies of What Happened, one for me and one for Older Son. Older Son worked tirelessly on Hillary’s campaign, specifically at the Hillary for America – East LA Office. He helped set the office up and helped run it for months leading up to the election. I, like many Americans, thought Hillary was going to win. And then I heard that Comey was reopening the FBI investigation into the emails. I was instantly terrified that all was lost. I remember calling Older Son in a blind panic, babbling about how we had just lost the election. Read more

Countable App Review


If you don’t have the Countable app, I highly recommend getting it. What does it do?

There’s a FEED feature that is very similar to all social media platforms in that it is a mix of proposed federal legislation and original content in the form of news articles about topics such as DACA, evolving EPA scandals, and the evolving tariffs on Chinese imports. Sometimes there are polls about political stories. Read more

Tammy Duckworth

US Senator Tammy Duckworth

Senator Tammy Duckworth is the consummate American hero. Her resume is so impressive it brings tears to my eyes. Duckworth served in the US Army in Iraq as a helicopter pilot. It was one of the few combat positions available to women. She suffered severe combat wounds and became a double amputee in 2004. After recovery, she went BACK into military service for another decade. She retired from the Illinois Army National Guard in 2014 as a Lieutenant Colonel. Read more