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Pros and Cons of Amazon

Do I own more stuff I don’t need because of how convenient Amazon is or do I have everything I need when I need it because of how convenient Amazon is? Let’s go over my own personal pros and cons of Amazon. Read more

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Breaking Beauty

I think it’s funny that on the week we’ve devoted to talking about beauty, I planned a family vacation and made Aileen write all of the posts.  

She may not think she’s pretty at 46, but I think she’s gorgeous.  She has one of my favorite faces in the world. That said, she really doesn’t care about traditional beauty routines.  I do. I’ve always loved make-up and nail polish and skin care and jewelry and fashion. While I love a good moisturizer as much as the next gal, I’m not terribly fond of the crossover between beauty and wellness that capitalizes on the insecurities of women with pseudo science. Read more

Custom made bra

Custom-made Bra

I have big boobs. This is not bragging. One boob is bigger than the other boob and therefore neither boob is ever happy in the bras I buy for them.

I get fitted at fancy places and buy a bra for over a hundred dollars. One of the boobs is unhappy. I order four bras, none of them costing more than 25 dollars, both of the boobs are unhappy. I get fitted at a more reasonably priced place, buy a bra for 40 dollars and end up with this weird full coverage bra that doesn’t work because the front rises up when I sit down and my bra shows above the V neck shirt or dress I am wearing. AND one boob is unhappy. Read more

Beautypedia Review


Years ago, a woman named Paula Begoun was on Oprah promoting a book called Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me. I was fascinated by what she was saying. Women spent millions and millions of dollars on lotions and make-up? My mom put baby oil on her face after a shower. She used lotion that came in a tall, yellow bottle we bought at Gemco. The parade of beautifully designed and packaged products was dizzying. My mom had none of this stuff. What the hell was it all for? A few years later I met Felicia and by extension her mom, Stephanie. Her mom had all sorts of stuff like the stuff I saw on Oprah.

Felicia didn’t have any of this stuff, she was only 11, but she knew what it was. For the next 35 years, Felicia has answered all my questions about this stuff. When we did our photoshoot, it took two trips to Sephora to kit me out with enough crap so I didn’t look haggard. I still have it all. Haven’t used any of it since.

Read more

Iris Apfel Talent Crush

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel designed jewelry for Macy’s a few years ago and I bought some chunky bracelets that I wear all the time. Secret to wearing chunky bracelets to a meal? Take them off and put them in your purse when you sit down to eat then slide them back on when you get up. That might very well be my one and only bit of fashion advice. I really have nothing else.

Iris Apfel has TONS of fashion advice. And it is way better than mine. The documentary Iris (on Netflix) is excellent and there are a few books about Apfel that I checked out from the library. The main takeaway seems to be that Apfel loves living. Everything else she did or accomplished grew out of her enthusiasm for life. Read more

Pinterest Love


Oh Pinterest. What a time sink you are. And how I love you, mostly for leading me to Apartment Therapy home tours. I have to admit that I never look at Pinterest on my phone, it is laptop time sink only. And I mostly look at it when I am fooling myself that I am working. I am not.

The thing is, Pinterest has been useful. I needed an idea for how to corral Six’s art supplies and found a really good idea for an art cart. Here’s a funny story. When Six’s art supplies outgrew the art cart I gave the cart to Older Son who turned it into a bar. Read more

Thanks for making it public

Thanks for Making it Public

We love podcasts. We love when women make room for themselves in arenas generally staked out by men. And here is where the private female conversation made public podcast genre comes in. Call Your Girlfriend and She’s All Fat are  two faves but there are a few others we want to highlight. Thanks for making these important private conversations public. Read more

VenTiki Recipe Challenge


Even I am amazed at how fast the Recipe Challenge has fallen apart. At first I thought it would be the reading challenge but then it occurred to me that I have spent a good portion of my life reading whereas cooking?

Not so much. Read more

Texting the Avocado Stickers

Texting the Avocado Stickers

Hang on, I’m trying to shove half a muffin in my mouth. I snuck one out of the freezer without telling Six and he’s pounding down the stairs. If he catches me I will be in huge amounts of trouble because I told him he couldn’t have a muffin until after lunch. Why don’t I have to wait until after lunch to eat a muffin (you might be asking yourself)? Because I am 45 years old and in the past two years I have buried my mother and gotten divorced. I can have a muffin whenever I want. But those reasons do not hold water with a six year old so like I said, let me shove this thing in my mouth and then we’ll get to what I’m supposed to be talking about. Read more

An Ode to Waze

An Ode to Waze

Oh Waze.

How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways.

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